Some Details on Nintendo Land

The gaming magazine Game Informer has a new issue coming out this October. Some of the details for Nintendo Land have been released:

  • Ride a small train to and from attractions
  • Spend coins in the hub that you’ve earned by playing attractions
  • Winning pachinko games populates the park with Nintendo memorabilia
  • This includes Miis in Zelda costumes
  • Metroid Blast has everyone dress up in Samus’ armor
  • One player flies Samus’ ship using the GamePad and screen
  • 4 Wii MotionPlus players (plus Nunchuk) try to shoot down the ship
  • No radar available
  • Includes a lava-filled Norfair map
  • This map features a mechanical Kraid that players can grapple up
  • Metroid Blaster requires Wii MotionPlus

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