Nintendo Direct Presentation

Nintendo UK has posted the recent Nintendo Direct video on their YouTube.

Lord of the Ring: Recreating Middle Earth Video

I think this game looks like the best Lego game that they have ever made. The game is going to be released on Wii, 3DS and most likely the Wii U. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter Game For North America

Yuri Araujo, the Associate Online and Community Specialist for Capcom U.S.A has made this statement via the Capcom Unity forums confirming a Monster Hunter game for North America:

“Yes, I understand the frustration. But your request is simple enough: Yes, it’s been confirmed that we are getting a game. “What it is” and “when we’ll know more” are the parts I can’t share.”

Details of what Monster Hunter game he is talking and what consoles he was talking about have not been released.