THE DENPA MEN: They Came By Wave Coming To The eShop

THE DENPA MEN: They Came By Wave(weird name I know) is coming to the eShop in NA on September 27th. The game will sell for $6.99. I think this game looks like Pikmin and Final Fantasy put together with a little Face Raiders thrown in for good measure. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Here are some screens:

Screenshots Of Professor Layton VS. Ace Attorney

Professor Layton and Ace Attorney fans rejoice! Enjoy the screens above đŸ˜€

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Announced For Wii U And 3DS

Capcom has announced that they are releasing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U and 3DS! Not only that, but the game is confirmed to be released outside Japan! The game will feature online gaming and the ability to transfer your game from your Wii U to your 3DS and pick up where you left off. The game will release in Europe and North America in March of 2013. Hit the link for more details: